60cm "P Chain" Pet Collars Pet Neck Strap Dog


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P chain is a lot of master like the dog training tools, mainly for daily training dogs, pull dog division traction use. Its greatest feature is the scalability, when the dog according to your request to do when the chain is always loose, when it shows disobedience or even want to resist, the chain will naturally tighten. The owner of the dog can buy a try, try their own training dogs, tune out the most gentleman's dog!


Chormed copper made dog training choke/collar is excellent for gentle control

Steel jewelry grade polishing process manufacturing, never rust.

Extra heavy quality chain is argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability.

Use only when dog is attended on leash, lightweight collars will not create lines in the coat.

Fully welded links are certified, Ultra Strong Links. Training Snake Chain For exercising and training your pet safety to operate. For exercising and training your pet, safety to operate.