Pet Grooming Glove


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We all love our pets. But most of us don’t like the hair they shed all around the house. 

Dogs love to shed themselves, to get rid of dust and their excess hair. This causes quite some mess everywhere, on the floor, clothes, fills the vacuum cleaner. But hair also carries dust, dirt, and several allergens making the air of your house less pure! And going to the groomer too regularly can be annoying. 

The grooming glove will quickly become your pet’s favorite groomer. It has a lot of silicone bristles that not only collects all loose hair and dirt, but also massages your dog. It will remain a happy relaxed pup, with a good looking shiny fur as the massaging also stimulates the oil glands! 


  • Silicone bristle and lightweight resistant fabric that dries quickly, can be both hand- and machine-washed, and does not smell!
  • For all types of fur - long or short, straight, waved or curly
  • Massage-like feeling your pet will love during bath time
  • Helps for a more pure and breathable air

*Cleaning the glove afterwards is a piece of cake - remove most of the hair and dirt manually; then rinse the glove and hand it to dry during few minutes only! The pet grooming glove can also be machine-washed every once in a while if you wish.