Phoenix A2 Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

$190.00 $300.00

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The revolutionary Phoenix Muscle Massage gun makes sore muscles a thing of the past.Eliminate muscle soreness, aches and pains by 65% in just 5 minutes!

The innovative device works by using the high-speed vibrating head on the muscle which in turn increases blood flow, decreases lactic acid and interrupts the pain cycle in the brain. This allows for quicker recovery times and relief from soreness and stiffness after exercise.This product is Ideal for physical fitness lovers or people who are wanting quick pain-relief.

After physical exercise the massage gun works deep in the muscle to relieve soreness and speed up recovery. Small, lightweight and easy to operate with 4 adjustable heads to target different body parts.

✔ Quick and reliable muscle recovery
✔ Achieve your workout goals faster
✔ Save money on muscle recovery
✔ Enhance muscle fibre growth 
✔ Accelerate recovery time.
✔ Reduce fatigue.
✔ Treat injuries and pains.
✔ Promote blood circulation.


 - 4 Adjustable Attachments.
 - 3 Speed Brushless DC Motor.
 - 1500 mAh battery, Rated 24V - usage of 2-4 hours.
 - Package weight - 3.3lb.
 - Package dimensions - 10x9in.
 - Unloaded speeds - 1800, 2400, 3200rpm.