Portable Table Tennis / Ping Pong Set

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  • Ping Pong Paddle Set for Any Size Tables
  •  2 Professional Table Tennis Rackets + 1 Retractable Ping-Pong Net with Bracket Clamp + 12 Ping Pong Balls + 1 Mesh Carry Bag
  • The net can stretch 69.5 inches in its maximum length, total of 74.1 inches. With a retractable bracket clamp, these premium rackets fit tables maximum of 2 inches in thickness.
  • Easy to set up. You just simply clamp down the holder to “bite” tables and pulling away from the net across the table to start your fun game.
  • Portable Table Tennis Set, Play Anywhere. This paddle set has 1 retractable ping pong net, 2 pro premium rackets, 12 ping pong balls in a lightweight mesh bags. Easy take, easy storage.
  • Durable Ping Pong Net, not easy to brake. The sturdy spring on clamps and posts have passed 5000 times press and pull tests. SO DO NOT WORRY, JUST TAKE YOUR PROFESIONAL TO PLAY AT ANYWHERE.
  • For All Age Use, this complete ping pong set can be use by all ages, women, men, old, and young, and also for all skill levels.
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